Liens and Contracts: 02.28.18 Puyallup NM

Construction Lien Laws teaches you the what, who, where, why, and when of construction liens. A lien and preliminary notice is filled out for hands-on practice, and a variety of different scenarios are presented and worked through step-by-step regarding when a lien would be most appropriate and whether a preliminary notice is required. Seminar attendees are provided with a more than 200-page course book which has been prepared by Linville Law Firm PLLC and which thoroughly and accurately explains the lien process. Construction Contracts teaches you how to prepare a contract that fits your business and how to properly respond to contracts and subcontracts which other persons propose to you. Contracts are enforced by our courts. Washington law provides numerous rights and responsibilities for those persons involved in the construction business. In this seminar, we cover dispute resolution procedures, lien notices, correction of work clauses, warranties, insurance clauses, change orders, commencement/completion dates, punch lists, final payment terms, code compliance, delays, failures in communication and other sources of conflict that can and should be addressed up front in the construction contract. Location WOSSA Training Center: WSU Puyallup Research Center, 2606 W Pioneer, Bldg 1045, Puyallup, WA 98371 Classes start at 8:30 am CEU: 8 Contact Hours
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