Pathogen Exposures in OSS: Puyallup 11.15.18 M

Member: Pathogen Exposures to Workers in the OSS Industry This class looks at wastewater pathogen exposure, and how to make a safe workplace for people that work in and around raw sewage and contaminated ground. It will provide specifics on mitigation and management of worksites for all three industry segments and specify appropriate personal protective procedures. For owners and project leaders, we will also cover other aspects of safe work practices and safety management that is specific to O&M/Pumping companies as Installation/Construction companies that is WISHA compliant. Location WOSSA Training Center: WSU Puyallup Research Center, 2606 W Pioneer, Bldg 1045, Puyallup, WA 98371 Class starts at 8:30 am O-101 and O-102 are prerequisites for this class. O-101 and O-102 are available online
Pathogen Exposures in OSS: Puyallup 11.15.18 M
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