Onsite 201 - WAC Exam / Review: Puyallup 03.2-3.19 M

O-201 Using and Interpreting the WAC / Exam Preparation and Review (2 days). This class is suitable for new designers, regulatory staff and those taking the DOL Onsite Exam An in-depth look at WAC 246-272-A, its organization, what it says/intends, How was it developed, What it doesn’t say/intend, Includes brief discussion of waivers, Interpretation of various requirements, review of changes. Location WOSSA Training Center: WSU Puyallup Research Center, 2606 W Pioneer, Bldg 1045, Puyallup, WA 98371 Classes start at 8:30 am O-101 and O-102 are prerequisites for this class. O-101 and O-102 are available on-line at: http://campus.educadium.com/wossa2learn/
Onsite 201 - WAC Exam / Review: Puyallup 03.2-3.19 M
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