Design, Install, O&M of Mounds/SSD: Puyallup 4.30.20 NM

Non-Member: Design, Installation and O&M of Mounds / Sub-Surface Drip, For Installers, Designers and Operations & Maintenance - This public domain technology has been around for a long time and it's an application that is tried and true. Installation can sometimes be tricky, and if you're an installer and haven't done one in a while, this will be an opportunity to re-visit what you think you know. We'll also throw a twist into the works with this class and talk about design, installation and O&M on modified mounds that incorporates drip technology. If you're an O&M service provider and you show up on a site with a system that doesn't quite look big enough for the traditional mound you are used to seeing, you'll find out why and what are the differences you need to consider when inspecting them. (Lunch not provided) Location: WOSSA Training Center, WSU Puyallup Research Center, 2606 W Pioneer, Bldg 1045, Puyallup, WA 98371  Class begins at 8:30AM Date: April 30, 2020 CEU: 8 Contact Hours 


Design, Install, O&M of Mounds/SSD: Puyallup 4.30.20 NM
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